What is 55places.com?
55places.com is a full-service brokerage with agents and partner agents across the country. We are the number one resource for information about 55+ age-restricted active adult communities and active lifestyle communities in the United States. Our website offers unbiased information and reviews of thousands of active adult communities. 55places.com is the only source where you will find such a wealth of information including photos, videos, descriptions, floorplans, listings of homes for sale, and reviews about nearly every 55+ and active adult community in the country.

Why are some communities missing from your site?
We make every effort to give you a comprehensive list of ALL 55+ active adult and retirement communities. The great news is there are literally thousands of communities available throughout the country, the trouble is it takes a long time to find, research and publish information on certain communities. At times, we are unaware of a community's existence, and other times we are going through the lengthy process of gathering information and pictures on certain communities. The only reliable way to be sure we have all the most up-to-date information is through help from the people who use our site. So please, if you would like to add a community, contribute information or pictures of a community, or edit information about an existing community, please contact us so we can update our site!

Why don't you show communities in my location?
We are constantly working to add new and existing communities to our site. If you know of a community we should add to our site, please inform us here.

If there is incorrect information on 55places.com, how can I fix it?
We pride ourselves on providing up-to-date, accurate information on 55places.com. If we have made an error, please inform us here.

How do I search for homes?
You can search for communities by state by clicking on the dropdown menu or the map on our homepage. You can also search for specific communities by name in our search box at the top of the homepage.

Why should I work with the suggested agent on your site?
Our real estate experts are extremely knowledgeable about active adult communities. We are incredibly selective about which agents we partner with. If they don’t work for you, they don’t work with us.

How do you select which agents are featured on a property or community?
We select real estate experts who have in-depth knowledge of the community and the other active adult communities in the area.

How do I add my community to 55places.com?
If you know of a community we should add to our site, please inform us here.

How do you determine which communities qualify to be featured on 55places.com?
We thoroughly evaluate communities before adding them to 55places.com. Our website generally showcases most 55+ age-restricted communities and a variety of non age-restricted communities that appear to have the homes, amenities and lifestyle would appeal to mature adults.

Why do you feature communities that are not age-restricted on 55places.com?
A majority of the communities on our website are 55+ age-restricted. But based on feedback from our users we also show non age-restricted communities that have the homes, amenities and lifestyle that appeals to mature adults. If you don’t wish to see non age-restricted communities on 55places.com you can use our filters to prevent them from showing up in the results.

How do I add a review of a community?
To add a review of a community, you must first navigate to that community page on our site. Then click the “Reviews” tab on the right side, below the photos. Then click the red button that reads “Write a Review.” All reviews must adhere to our guidelines and we reserve the right to moderate, edit, or remove any post at any time and without notice.

How do I become an Agent or Partner Agent?
If you are interested in working with 55places.com as an Agent or Partner Agent, we invite you to apply here.

How do I add a review of my agent?
To review an agent you have worked with, navigate to the agent’s profile page by using our search tool in the upper right corner of our website. On their profile page click on the “Add Your Review” button. All agent reviews must follow the 55places.com Partner Agent Review Guidelines here.

Where do you get your information?
Our information comes from builders, community websites, our agents, and users like you. The staff at 55places.com has collectively toured over 1,000 active adult communities around the country, so we also have first-hand knowledge.

How do I advertise on your site?
We do not allow any advertisements on 55places.com. We pride ourselves on being honest, fair, and unbiased. If you know of a community we should add to our site, please inform us here. If you are want to become a 55places.com Partner Agent, apply here.

I'm having trouble with my Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Is this something 55places.com can help me with?
No, we cannot help you with your HOA. We are not affiliated with any of the communities on our site.

Is my contact information published or sold?
No, the information you provide us is shared only with our 55places.com Partner Agents for communities in which you have indicated an interest.

Does 55places.com represent a particular builder or community?
No, we are an independent company. The information we provide is unbiased and we have no affiliation or agreement to steer you to one company or community versus another.

Does 55places.com cost me anything to use?
No, 55places.com is free to use.

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